Monday, January 27, 2014

the fenestration of an empty building

when all the glass has been smashed in, the invitations go out -
edifying hosts, no bar
the front door may be missing, but climb through the windows anyway
the lights will not come on
feel your way along the firm floors, the still standing walls
through the south facing windows the rising moon beams into large empty rooms
negative spaces between absent furniture
when maximum capacity is reached, cast your phobic angst from the glassless openings
the cold night air is neither rational nor engaging
wait for water/drink, water/rain, water/blast
if none is forthcoming, turn inward again, away from the window arrangement to the damp warmth of a hundred bodies

avoiding all wet corners

will the morning light bring a forced surrender, flapping from a penetrating edict of sorts
interlocation is designed to draw out all those who stand and withstood
soon they will surround the tense will and block the joyless gape of a sentenced building
the political abstract to be waylaid by a loud compendium of passion
but such wholesome infestation is always assailable

beware the dangling buckets

Friday, January 10, 2014

fallen states

 an understatement of disrepair
hammers home the sordid truth
more will fall in exiled state
preponderances null and void