Wednesday, February 24, 2010

walking the drive

the Drive [Commercial Drive] is my neighbourhood shopping street...
I have walked up and down both sides of it now for many, many years!
that bowling pin sign has hovered above the corner of East 7th forever,
and incredibly, people still go bowling!

at the entrance to the stairs that lead up to Johnny 5's Billiard Club & Cappuccino Bar, which I have never dared to venture up, partly because I don't think a nosy asian woman would be very welcome in this what I imagine must be a time-warp macho-male dominated domain!

on the side of Norman's greengrocer, a produce institution on the Drive, giant red birds on a wire look down greedily in anticipation of discarded fruits and vegetables, mimicking the real crows and pigeons waiting on the live wires above... 

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