Wednesday, March 31, 2010

stairway to demohell

corner of east broadway and quebec

the entire Broadway corridor has always been endowed with mostly banal and C-grade architecture...if one were to drive, bus, bike or walk the length of it from east of Commercial to Alma, the low rise [and some higher] buildings will blur into a murky porridge of really bland barely sweetened and stirred conglomeration!
but time for renewal has caught up in fits of fire and demolition episodes, especially along the stretch around Main...the most basic 1960's office box at East Broadway and Quebec is now a swampy pool of deconstructed debris out of which will rise the most recent breed of design know, brick and/or concrete walls, visible metal trusses and beams, solid wood detailing, subtle glazing - to convey a blatant expression of substantial quality and the requisite stilted impression of pre-packaged stylishness...

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