Sunday, July 31, 2011

granville island:: rounded up

 During these spring-like days of summer [only in Vancouver!], the living is easy and I am quite quite lazy - but I managed to wander around Granville Island one recent breezy day and take in some sculptural forms with a circular theme - starting with the lucky boy sinking into multi-scooped balls of ice cream...

 "BLISS" by Ron Simmer

 "HONKFEST" by Douglas Walker

[sorry, missed the title and artist's name]

[the titled pieces are part of a temporary exhibit "REVISION: The Art of Recycling" featuring art made from recycled, salvaged, scrounged or found materials...installed around the Creekhouse building and courtyard]

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  1. Relief does spell Relief, a haunting ad phrase as old as the scooper. Time is a second hand store.. same with art. Scrounged and found is beauty ...