Tuesday, May 22, 2012

emily carr grad show:: upspotting

This year at the Emily Carr Graduation disgorgement, I pointed my lens upwards in the high- ceilinged Concourse gallery and found an agile curation of coolly minimal and starkly lyrical installations...

 from a linear pair of stiff L-shaped rods piercing the wall at varying angles to create optical variations from various perspectives...[Ivan Mickovic, Untitled]

 to the softly draping cascade of black cotton strands that reject any angular intervention whatsoever...[Kit Kilgour, "Weftless"]

 to a single thick red rope hanging like a stream of corded blood emitted from a spot-lit source...

to convolute into a single knot beneath a piece of nautical hardware pointing towards three panels of marine blueness...[Roy Munz, "A Poetic Visual Interpretation of 'Time and Free Will:...' Henri Bergson, 1889"]

 to the tilted shiny sculptural soupcon of a suprematist ode, which by chance reflects partial views of the double paintings on the near wall, and hence unwittingly smears its purist constructivist mode...[Evgueni Saiapine, "Phase 1"]

 the upper abstracted explosion of those two paintings looms over the viewer in a downpour of virulent colours and feral forms...[Andrew Smith, "The Meeting"]

 and one last twirl around this desolately contrived tropical extravaganza of kitschy pink flamingos perched high above and far from any suburban lawn and a precariously elevated  stemmed glass vase with a palm seedling sprouting obliviously away...[Eun Kyung Kim, "One Night in Bangkok"]

[damn you, Eun Kyung Kim, now I can't get that song out of my head!
"like the devil walking next to me..."]

Emily Carr University of Art and Design
2012 Graduation  Show
May 5-20

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